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Hormone Balance Tea

Hormone Balance Tea

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Tired of the hormonal roller coaster, PMS blues, PCOS struggles, or the unpredictability of menopause? Our Hormone Balance Tea is your natural ally!

💜 Naturally balances hormonal levels
🍑 Alleviates PMS, PCOS & Menopause Symptoms
🌟 Supports Mood Regulation & Ehnaced Sleep
🌱 Organic, Ethically Sourced & Sustainable

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How it Works

Our Hormone Balance Tea is crafted for the monthly journey we navigate as women. From the ebbs of PMS to the tides of PCOS and the shifts of menopause, it’s here for you. With Spearmint for calm, Red Raspberry Leaf for support, Nettle Leaf for cleansing, and Lemon Balm for peace, it’s more than tea—it’s understanding in a cup. Let's sip together, embracing our cycles with grace and strength. Here’s to balance, to shared experiences, and to wellness in every cup. 💜


Experience harmony with our Hormone Balance Tea, a caffeine-free blend custom-crafted from organic, sustainably sourced ingredients known for their potent benefits.

From one woman to another, I've mixed these ingredients with intention, hoping to bring you balance, energy, and a sense of wellbeing. This isn't just a tea; it's a daily ritual to empower your health and happiness.

Organic & Ethically Sourced Ingredients:
* Spearmint: Calms and balances.
* Red Raspberry Leaf: Supports menstrual health.
* Nettle Leaf: Detoxifies, enriches.
* Lemon Balm: Reduces stress, boosts mood.
* Ginger: Promotes balanced cyles.


1. Making Your Tea:
Add 1 teaspoon to your cup. Fill with hot water. Wait 5-7 mins. Then enjoy.

2. Adjust to Your Liking:
If it’s too strong, add a bit more water. Prefer it sweet? A dash of natural honey does the trick.

3. Savor Daily:
Let this tea become a cherished part of your day. Whether it kickstarts your morning or unwinds your evening, follow it with a glass of water to enhance hydration and wellness.

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Hormone Balance Tea

Hormone Balance Tea

Hormone Balance Tea

14 reviews
Regular price $25 USD
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AMAAAZING!! 😍 This is my 3rd order, the products are So fresh, SO clean, & the owner is SO sweet! :) my body loves these products and I feels so much healthier.

Lea D.

Verified Buyer

Super fast shipping, great customer service, and their products are heavenly, this is why I keep coming back ❤ 5 stars 🌟

Destiny M.

Verified Buyer

This product is amazing! Works great! I'm a huge tea drinker so trust me, I did my research. It's dong it's job and taste great. Definitely a repeat customer 🙌

Aurelia K.

Verified Buyer

I have made many purchases online and this seller is the best. She is fast communicator, very fast shipping. Somebody really does love me!

Tiffany G.

Verified Buyer

Formulated with scientifically backed ingredients

Ever feel like your body's on a hormonal rollercoaster? I've been there too. That's exactly why we created our Hormone Balance Tea - a soothing blend designed to calm those hormonal storms and bring you back to center. Let's make peace with our cycles and enjoy smoother, brighter days ahead.

  • Spearmint

    Eases digestion and may help regulate key hormones, and PCOS management.

  • Red Raspberry Leaf

    Tones reproductive organs and regularizes menstrual cycles for better comfort.

  • Ginger

    Soothes menstrual discomfort and promotes balanced cycles.

  • Ashwaghanda

    Reduces stress, nurtures thyroid health, and stabilizes hormones for overall vitality.

Sip Your Way to Harmony! 💜

Reported reduced PMS discomfort

Saw a noticeable improvement in hormonal balance

Enjoyed better, more restful sleep

* Ready to feel the difference? Visit our product pages for the inspiring stories behind the numbers.


See What People Are Saying

Rated by 1,500+ Happy Customers

  • Wow, this tea is a miracle! My mood swings have leveled out, and my partner noticed the calmness in me.

    Heather L.
  • Struggled with PMS forever, but this tea changed everything. Feeling more balanced and confident, thanks to Someonelovesyou.

    Tanya J.
  • Amazing results! My sleep has improved, and even my husband noticed I'm less stressed. Can't thank you enough for this tea.

    Emily R.
  • Blown away by the impact on my hormonal balance. My energy's up, and my days are smoother. Someonelovesyou has been a lifesaver.

    Maria S.

What Makes Us Special

Find out why you should choose SomeoneLovesYou instead of other brands.


Clean Ingredients
Ethical & Sustainable
No Dyes or Chemicals
Premium Quality
Money Back Guarantee

Happiness Guaranteed 💜

Ayurvedic Practitioner & Wellness Educator

Hi, I'm Raysa!
Growing up on a farm, I learned the value of natural living, a lesson that became personal after 2 family members were diagnosed with cancer. Driven by this experience, I've spent over 10+ years dedicated to holistic wellness, creating products that dramatically improve health and well-being.

From sunny West Palm Beach, FL, we meticulously blend traditional herbal wisdom with the latest in scientific research, providing you with products that are not only grounded in nature but also validated by science.

Join thousands of people who are experiencing transformative health benefits today!

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Echo G.
United States United States

Wonderful experience and great product!

I received updates about my order as well as a personalized note inside. Wonderful experience and great product!

SomeoneLovesYou Hormone Balance Tea Review
United States United States

Love love!

Love the quality of the tea!

United States United States

Wish I'd found this product sooner

I've been struggling with the ups and downs of perimenopause for what feels like forever. My main issues were super irregular periods and mood swings that would catch me (and everyone around me) off guard. Every doctor's visit ended with the same old talk about hormone replacement, which I was hesitant to start because of all the mixed reviews I'd read. A couple of months back, a close friend who swears by natural remedies told me about this hormone balance tea. I was pretty skeptical because, honestly, how much can a tea really help with something like hormone imbalance? But I figured there was no harm in trying. The first week or so didn't show much change, and I was almost ready to give up. But by the end of the third week, things started looking up. My periods have gotten a lot more regular, and I'm not on an emotional rollercoaster all the time. The tea has a gentle, soothing taste, making it easy to add into my morning routine. It’s packed with natural ingredients, which makes me feel good about what I’m putting into my body. It’s surprising how little we hear about natural options like this from doctors. This tea has been alife saver for me. It hasn’t just eased my physical symptoms; it’s given me a bit more peace of mind, which is priceless. If you’re searching for something natural to help with hormone issues, I really recommend giving this tea a shot. Patience is key, but it’s been totally worth it for me Excuse my super long review, I'm just excited...

Marianne l.
United States United States

Ladies finally something that works! !

I'm not kidding when I say I've tried everything for my hormonal swings and nothing seemed to help until I found this tea. It’s not a miracle cure, but it’s definitely made a noticeable difference. My mood swings are less severe, and I feel a lot more balanced, that's why I ibought the pack of 6 and highly highly recommend.

United States United States


Trust me I have been in the tea world for over 20 years, and these teas are truly premium quality which makes sense for the price, but from experience, I know they are not cutting any corners. It works, it taste well for a herbal earthy tea, and best of all the quality delivers as promised. I highly recommend it.

United States United States

Great for menopause symptoms!

I started using this tea on my sister's advice and noticed an improvement in my hormonal acne and sleep within a month. It's now part of my daily routine.

United States United States

A must for ***!

Every month was a struggle with mood swings and bloating until I tried this hormone balance tea. It's like a gentle and keeps me feeling stable and less bloated. i also don't feel like I have to add sugar, it taste just fine. Can't thank you enough!

Janet M.
United States United States

helps with my moodiness and menstrual

I’m less irritable and I don’t have to walk around with my portable fan. I'm happy I gave it a try but it brought back my menstrual after not having one for close to 2 years. On a consistent basis, I’m taking one tea cup daily in the morning or afternoon. If I feel irritable or feel the flushes coming at night, I’m taking one before bed with a low dose of magnesium. This helps me fall asleep and get a few hours in. Overall, I’m happy with the product and will continue to use as long as it continues to minimize the flashes.

Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

Why Do I Need This?

Our products provide a natural solution to common wellness concerns like hormonal imbalance, stress, weight management and sleep issues. They're crafted to bring balance and enhance your overall well-being through the power of nature.

What Can I Achieve With It?

Experience transformative health benefits: enhanced hormonal equilibrium, effective weight management, improved sleep quality, and a boost in overall vitality. Our products are crafted to empower you, addressing a variety of wellness concerns with natural efficacy.

What Makes Your Ingredients Special?

Not all wellness products are created equal. We pride ourselves on sourcing only the best, clean, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients. Each product is a labor of love, blending decades of scientific research with the wisdom of nature to create something truly beneficial and trustworthy. Emphasizing sustainable practices, we're committed to transparency and quality that you can feel with every use.

Will This Work For Me?

Absolutely! Whether you're dealing with stress, sleep issues, or weight concerns, there's a blend with your name on it. These products are functional and tailored to offer the support you’re seeking.

What If I Don't Get the Results I Expected?

As a Small Family Business, your happiness is our #1 priority. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, don't worry. Just reach out to us. No hassle, no hard feelings—just our commitment to making things right, ensuring your journey with us is as stress-free and joyful as possible. 😊

What Is the Unique Bonus Included with This Product?

It’s all about connection! Choose our products, and you gain more than wellness—you get direct access to tips, updates, and personal one-on-one support. We're here to guide your journey every step of the way.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

We know waiting isn’t fun, so we make sure most orders ship within 1-2 business days. Fast, reliable shipping is part of the promise, getting you closer to start your wellness journey.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Absolutely! Wellness knows no bounds, and neither does our shipping. Wherever you are, we can bring our products to your doorstep, spreading wellness across the globe.

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