Is your skincare routine doing more harm than good?

Is your skincare routine doing more harm than good?

 By Jessenia Barros  


Doctors discovered harmful ingredients in your skincare 

The cosmetics industry is an unregulated business. Although the FDA has banned ingredients, there are still ingredients on the labels that have not been tested safe. Although these ingredients only come in small doses, consumers, on average, use about 12 personal care products a day! Just imagine the harmful ingredients you absorb in one year of use!

Dr. Trevor Cates, a leading naturopathic doctor with 18 years of clinical experience, warns consumers on what to avoid on the labels of cosmetics, lotions and even skincare. These ingredients have been linked to a number of health concerns. 

She warns consumers of the following ingredients:

Oxybenzone (benzophenone), octinoxate, and homosalate. These ingredients mimic hormones and pose a risk to reproductive system.

Triclosan and triclocarban. This is an antimicrobial ingredient that is an endocrine disruptor. 

Fragrance. A word that embraces undisclosed chemicals on product labels. This may cause irritation or allergies.

And so much more!

In another study by the Herb Research Foundation, it was found that the the skin absorbs up to 60 percent of the chemicals found in skincare. It even travels into the bloodstream. 

Now, why isn’t this big news?

The cosmetics industry is a booming business.

In the year 2019 itself, skincare products comprise the largest piece of the pie in the cosmetics industry.

By 2024, skincare products are expected to grow by 196 Billion Dollars.

But don’t fret! There are cleaner choices for skincare. 

On our quest to providing you the best clinically tested products, we reviewed hundreds of products for their efficacy but one was always at the top - SomeoneLovesYou Face and Body Cream. 

SomeoneLovesYou is an all natural skincare line. It will address your skin concerns without the danger of toxins and chemicals getting absorbed into your bloodstream. No gimmicks. Nothing behind the fine print. Just natural and effective ingredients that you can find in nature.

SomeoneLovesYou is a company based in Florida, USA that truly believes in the healing properties of nature. And so they’ve infused their product with natural ingredients that have been tried and tested for centuries. And the main ingredient of their product? Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera.



And the star of SLY’s face and body cream is Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey is a type of honey that is native to New Zealand and Australia. It is produced when the Manuka Bush is pollinated by bees. It is four times more powerful and more potent than the traditional honey. And it does about almost about everything from moisturizing to healing skin inflammations. 

Here are some benefits with using Manuka Honey:

✓ Exfoliates gently

✓ Brightens face and lightens scars

✓ Fights acne and pimples

✓ Soothes skin inflammations


And the icing on the cake?

✓ Moisturizes deeply

So how do you use this tub of goodness? Simply scoop a tiny amount that is enough to cover your face. Apply evenly onto skin to experience the powerful ingredients from nature!

Not all clean skincare products are created the same. SomeoneLovesYou is guaranteed 100% all natural and organic. No hidden ingredients. No preservatives. No parabens. 

Think of it this way. Manuka Honey is by itself a powerful ingredient. If formulated right along with other organic ingredients, just imagine how much more effective it’ll be!

SomeoneLovesYou surely makes sure that the ingredients you put on your face contains no toxins, no fragrances and no parabens. 

Here is a picture of the team behind this amazing product. 

And because SLY believes that you deserve only the best skincare, they contacted me! And now they’re giving you their products for only $1 with a special gift from their team as a form of thank you! Just click the link on my article!

That’s right! You read that right! $1!

To claim your 1$ tub of goodness, simply click here to visit the special page!

Every dollar spent entitles you to one entry to our special giveaway!


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