Four steps to get the lustrous skin you deserve

Four steps to get the lustrous skin you deserve

 By Jessenia Barros


My appearance feels incomplete without a glowing skin, regardless of how immaculate my makeup or clothes are, I truly feel dynamic and confident when my skin exudes that natural radiance.

Numerous cosmetics franchises promote make-up cocktails and artificial substances that only serve as a coat,  giving a false sense of glow.  It is only when your skin has the natural radiance and glow that comes from within you get that true sense of satisfaction.

At SomeoneLovesYou we want you to get rid of any artificial cover-up, helping you radiate from within.

It is a popular fact that proper sleep and rest through relaxation techniques like massages gives you a refreshing look. But, what do we do when we barely have time for those due to hectic work schedules? How do we still maintain that radiance without making use of costly synthetic cosmetics?

These four steps will give you the much-needed way out!


Water. Five letter words representing an important element. For starters, I do not drink water as religiously as I should. This is not advisable, we should not wait until we feel thirsty to have a glass of water by this time we are already dehydrated.

Making sure I always carry a bottle of water, drinking two extra glasses when I am thirsty, and ensuring I honor invitations to have a drink are ways I make sure I remember to stay hydrated. Moisture is needed by our skin cells for rejuvenation, giving us that vibrant and fresh look.


Having exercise as your daily routine is another fantastic way to keep your body healthy and feeling youthful. Twenty minutes of daily exercise goes a long way. It accelerates your heart rate, increases the flow of blood through your system helping your body rebuild and heal. Don’t forget the natural flush that pops up on your cheeks after all the movement, brightening up your look instantly.

Exercise helps me sleep better, and even the simplest movements such as yoga, a walk around the neighborhood, or any activity that increases your heart rate will do.


The goal is to always have your skin as moisturized and fresh as it can be. Along with ensuring you drink the required amount of fluid, it is best to cut down on your use of harsh substances like soaps. These can dry out your skin by getting rid of natural oils on the skin.

Try out SomeoneLovesYou facial cleanser instead, it is designed to lock in your natural oils while removing unwanted specks of dirt and cosmetic remnants, leaving your skin fresh and moist.

Follow this up with the Face and Body cream which supplies the added moisture you need. Specially made with olive oil and honey to deeply penetrate your pores for proper hydration. This leaves your skin feeling fresh, soft, and smooth.


Protecting your skin from the damaging rays of the sun through the frequent use of sunscreen is a sure way of maintaining a vibrant, young look. Especially as you enter your 30s, 40s, and beyond it is important to apply SPF daily. Maintain your elegant look as you age with this tip and your skin will thank you!

What a great feeling I get when I see the natural boost and shine to my skin. I radiate from within! 


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