Beauty products enhance the natural beauty that age cannot touch age doesn’t dictate youthful feelings and confidence

Beauty products enhance the natural beauty that age cannot touch age doesn’t dictate youthful feelings and confidence

 By Jessenia Barros

Age is just a number – Its a way of thinking many females today live by. It’s not their age on paper that defines their “age” but what their body is telling them. The expectations of what women should be doing by a certain age have also changed significantly. So, if you’re felt younger than your age, even if it’s by 10 or more years, just know that you are in good company. 

Many women have put off getting married and having children because they don’t see getting older as their mothers and grandmothers did. Today, the average age when getting married and have children is 34, whereas it was once 22. 

A 60-year-old woman, 200 years ago, would be considered a very old woman. Today, 60-years-old is considered middle-aged, as it often accompanies another 25 to 30 years more of life. It’s what many call a second life stage of an adult. 
It means that old has been redefined. Life is all about chapters, not seeing a peak in your 20s and then living it like it’s all downhill afterward. People can choose what old means and how they want to live their life.

What Studies Are Revealing Women and Age

People make the mistaken impression that confidence is a youth advantage. However, according to studies, as people get older, they tend to become more comfortable with themselves. In 2014 a study involving women in their 50s found 76% of women were more confident of themselves than in their 20s. The study also revealed:
  • 47% of them said they are happier today with their bodies than they were when they were younger. 
  • 36% said they were happy with their current state of their body.
  • One in seven felt they were fitter today than in their younger years. 

Age Is Giving Women Their Confidence 

Why do women seem so much more confident when they are older? It’s because we become  more accepting of who we  are, more comfortable in our skin and use our strengths to propel us further. This confidence results from mastering experiences and being successful and allowing us to feel competent about who we are and our stage of life. 

The confidence could involve a job, speech giving, new activities, etc. The older people get, the more confidence they build within themselves. The more the years pass, the better understanding people have of themselves. They understand what their bodies need and what their souls are looking for and then looking to themselves to benefit. 

Women have a greater awareness that being happy stems from their good health and psychological well-being. They know what it takes to look after themselves. It’s a physical confidence that is revealing to everybody. In January, 20-something-year-olds were exercising to workout DVDs.  

An 82-year-old woman, Sister Madonna Buder or Iron Nun, competed in the Ironman, the older woman to do so. 92-year-old Harriette Thompson was the oldest female marathon finisher with blogs called Sporty over Forty and Old Girl Running. She attempted to show that age isn’t a physical limit. 

Women are living healthier lives, tuning into their bodies and listening to what it has to tell them. It is allowing them to do more, be more active, etc. A healthy body isn’t about buffing up or getting six-packs. Women from all around the world are taking time out of their day to share all their bodies’ imperfections. This includes:
  • Scars
  • Wrinkles
  • Curves
  • Skin tags

The #thighstories hashtag is encouraging women to showcase the way life has treated their bodies with various beauty-related projects. Women of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to participate. 

From Hollywood to the Fashion world, women of all ages are showing the vast decades of beauty in the world. 

For example, Sharon Stone said there is something sexual about having imperfections; she calls it sensual. Stone said she thought she would lose her beauty as she got older, but she attained a new kind of beauty. She said she lost fullness in her face but ended up with wonderful cheekbones. 

There has also been a transformation in men’s media where Sports Illustrated featured athletic martial artists and a plus-sized model. For the Pirelli calendar, which often uses flexible supermodels, the pictures were of 89-year-old Yoko Ono and 69-year-old Patti Smith.

Is Ageism No Longer A Problem?

Ageism still exists, but women are just not sitting idly by and allowing their age to define them. With women raising the age ceiling, taking part in various campaigns and standing up to prejudice associated with age. According to Gloria Steinem, women become more radicalized about age. 

For example, Mariella Frostrup is a cultural commentator who has railed against the media about ageism. At 53, Frostup said she is more confident and more secure about herself than even the devil could have expected. 

How Beauty Products Like LoveStickTrio Are Redefining Age

There are tons of beauty products on the market – each one created to help people look the way they feel despite their age. At SomeoneLovesYou! is the first cosmetics company that focuses on self-love, no matter what your age. 
SomeoneLovesYou came up with its LoveStickTrio, which is a five-minute solution that will replace everything in your makeup bag. LoveSTickTrio includes:
  • Lovestick Glow – that will rehydrate your skin using all-natural ingredients..
  • Lovestick Blush – brings some excitement to your cheeks, lips,  neck and forehead.
  • Lovestick Shimmer – adds some radiance to your skin. 

In just five minutes, you’ll have an all-natural look that will bring out the beauty in your skin, whether you are 25, 45, 65 or 85. As a vegan cosmetic and skincare product, Lovestick Trio is an all-in-three blush, eyeshadow, moisturizer, lipstick, body cream and more. 

Best of all, Lovestick is so sheer that it works with all skin tones, from chocolate to porcelain. Since it is sheer, there is no need to find a color that matches yours. 

SomeoneLovesYou is designed to celebrate every woman.It’s all about giving women products that reveal their natural beauty no matter what her age is.
As Sharon Stone said, 50 is not the new 30, but rather a chance to embark on a new journey. With LovestickTrio, you can rest assured that as you live a longer life, you won’t feel old and look amazingly young at the same time. Age is only a number!




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